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Attention Teachers and Parents: 

If your school is currently closed during the COVID-19 crisis, feel free to try out the One Book One Day program as an online event instead.  Following the schedule here, record the seven 30-40 minute book segments with different guest readers (or your own creative voice!) and post to your students on a closed educational platform such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Edmodo and Discovery Education. Your students can download the coloring and tetrahedron pages on this site, and build their own pyramids at home.  Families: use the schedule to read the book over seven days (instead of one) and try the recipes and pyramid-building.


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One Book One Day is a school-wide read aloud event designed for grades 4 - 8 using the novel ALL OF THE ABOVE by Shelley Pearsall. This unique "big read" program builds community, as well as promoting STEM and literacy skills. ALL OF THE ABOVE is an ALA Notable Book and a (2020) Mathical Honor Book.   


One Book One Day challenges intermediate and middle schools to read an entire novel together in one day. Imagine administrators, cafeteria staff, teachers, students -- all reading, discussing, and enjoying one book.


It takes about 3.5 - 4 hours to do ALL OF THE ABOVE as a community read aloud, which leaves plenty of time for some fun activities.  Everything is provided here for you: the one-day reading schedule, easy activities and discussion questions, snack ideas, and creative extension suggestions. 

Visit the Preparation page to learn how to get started. Then visit the Reading Schedule page which is designed for 7 class periods with 25 - 40 minutes of reading per block—or adapt the timetable to fit your individual school schedule and resources.

Hello Teachers!

ALL OF THE ABOVE is the featured book on the site, but I'll be adding more books soon.  You can find a new One Book One Day reading schedule for ALL SHOOK UP here.  

83% of children ages

6-17 who have been read aloud to, loved or liked it a lot.

Kids & Family Reading Report, 7th Ed., 2019

“Students were amazed that we read One Book in One Day!” 

South Milwaukee School District

"Our One Book One Day event was a roaring success...even our cafeteria workers wore shirts that said "Willy Q's BBQ" and it was a huge hit!" 

E.H. Greene Intermediate School

"I had so much fun reading your book All of the Above. I definitely would recommend it to any middle school student." - Emma

ALL OF THE ABOVE (Hachette Books) is an ALA Notable selection, a Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, and a VOYA Top Shelf book, as well as appearing on reading award lists in eight states.

Great choice for STEM and MakerSpace.

A 2020 Mathical Honor Book selection

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