Schedule for the Day

Here is the suggested schedule for how to fit the entire book into one school day.  Total read aloud time for ALL OF THE ABOVE is about 3.5 hours. The schedule below is for seven class periods with about 25 - 40 minutes of reading time per block and one lunch period.  The downloadable schedule also includes a brief synopsis for each block.  Be sure to print out the downloadable schedule for staff and guest readers. You can adjust the timetable and activities as needed for your school.

Use this video to introduce the book to your students

Period One: Assembly with Guest Readers

Pages 1 – 39 (40 minutes reading time)

Large group assembly with six surprise guest readers reading the parts of: Narrator (italicized passage), James Harris III, Rhondell, Sharice, Marcel, Mr. Collins.   Or you can use this video of Shelley Pearsall introducing the book and reading the first chapter as Narrator, then use five guest readers.

Handout: Students receive worksheet tetrahedron (or Ellison tetrahedron shapes) and geometric art page as they leave assembly.

Period Two: Classroom Teachers Read

Pages 41 – 75 (30 minutes reading time)

Teachers read aloud to their classes.

Activity: Using markers, students decorate their tetrahedron shape with

colors, designs, and words that reflect them. The geometric art page can be colored with marker while listening in any block.

Period Three: Students Read

Pages 77 – 111 (40 minutes reading time)

Student volunteers read aloud—or if all students have books, this can be an independent/silent reading block.

Talk About It: Whose background story surprised you the most? Who did you want to help? What would you do to help them? What will happen next? Think about a color that is good luck or bad luck for you. Share if time.

Period Four: Students Read

Pages 113-149 (40 minutes reading time)

Student volunteers read aloud—or if all students have books, this can be an independent/silent reading block or play a guest reader video.

Talk About It: Use Mr. Collins’ questions on page 149 for a group discussion. 

Brainstorm a recipe for another "truth" dessert.


Lunch idea!  Serve BBQ sandwiches in honor of Willy Q.  Or serve chocolate

cupcakes as “Chocolate Truth Cake”.


Period Five: Classroom Teachers Read

Pages 151-181 (25 minutes reading time)

Teachers read to their classes.

Take A Side: Are kids today “tougher” or “softer” than kids in the past? (p.157)  Why or why not?  Make a list of reasons for each side.

Period Six: Classroom Teachers Read​

Pages 183-214 (25 minutes reading time)

Teachers read to their classes.

Activity: Create a "book cloud!" Fill a classroom whiteboard or posters with key words, phrases, and memorable details from the story so far. Write words in different colors, sizes, styles, etc. (For groups planning to build a tetrahedron, you could begin cutting out and taping small tetrahedrons together.)

Period Seven: Wrap-Up Assembly

Pages 215 – 237 (20 - 25 minutes reading time)

Six staff members read the final chapters as Mr. Collins, Sharice, Marcel, Rhondell, James Harris, Final Narrator.

Celebrate It: Celebrate the achievement of finishing one book in one day with applause, photos, music, cake, etc. Collect student tetrahedrons and volunteer teams can start assembling an all-school tetrahedron for display. Tape works best for building and assembling -- lots of tape.  Use finished geometric art pages as locker wallpaper.

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