More Ideas

If you have ONE MORE DAY (or two or three), try out a few of these creative extension ideas.

Build a BIG Tetrahedron…

Giant tetrahedron

A few tips for constructing larger tetrahedrons:

Sticky mailing tape works best for the long edges. The more tape…the better! Using cardstock paper also gives larger tetrahedrons more stability

To prevent sagging, tape straws or rulers across weak spots for support. “Quality control” is important.


Tetrahedrons grow by four: 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096. It helps to decide what size you want to build before starting. Hint: A 64 piece one takes about one hour. A 16,384 piece one could take several months and requires a large space.

Teamwork and cooperation are vital!

Other fun ideas…

ART: Create cartoon-style illustrations like the artwork of James Harris III.

WRITING: Choose one of the seven characters and write one more chapter for them.

GROUP PROJECT: Develop and plan a world record attempt for your school.  

Fill a bus with soup cans for a food pantry, read a thousand books in a week…the sky is

the limit!

TECH/COMPUTER: Design a promotional website, video, menu, or Podcast

for Willy Q’s BBQ.

ART/TEAMWORK: Have each classroom choose a scene in the story and

“design a door” to recreate that scene. Give out prizes for the best doors!

MATH: Learn how to build and fly a tetrahedron kite at the NCTM website.

More great tetrahedron extension activities can be found in this article in the

Mathematical Association of America magazine.

WRITING: Describe a special food or family recipe that evokes a strong memory for you.

COOKING/MATH: Have a BBQ sauce tasting competition. Use potato chips or crackers to sample sauces. Compile, chart, or graph results.

Decorated doorway
Classroom Door Project

SPECIAL THANKS to the following schools, librarians, and teachers for contributing many of the creative

ideas and suggestions for this site:


Cynthia Vernon & Albion Middle School, OH

Karen Settles, Oscar Smith Middle School, VA

Scott Mewborn, Moody Middle School, VA

Kathy Wright, Kennedy Elementary School, MA

Kent City Schools, OH

Becky Sloan, E.H. Greene Intermediate School, OH