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Preparing for the Day



Readers will need:


1. One copy of ALL OF THE ABOVE for each person who will be a designated reader during the day. If you want everyone in the school to read—provide books for all.​

2. Copy of the reading schedule for the day (downloadable version). 

Students will need


1. One or more tetrahedron shapes. You can print a free tetrahedron shape worksheet here or use Ellison die-cut ones. A die to cut out the shapes can be purchased from (Item #A10351).

2. Geometric art worksheet printable version


3. Markers or colored pencils


4. Optional: Scotch tape and scissors can be provided, if you want students to assemble and build tetrahedrons during the day.

Other Preparation: 


1. Invite some surprise guests to read. High school theater students, coaches, local sports heroes, mayors, librarians, service staff, or your district superintendent are some fun possibilities. 

2. Some schools have pre-recorded one or two of the reading blocks using surprise guest readers. These video recordings can be played in classrooms to replace an in-person reader.


ALL OF THE ABOVE (Hachette Books, ISBN 978-0-316-11526-1) is available in paperback, audio, or eBook formats from, Powells, independent booksellers, and most educational retailers. 

Teachers: Watch a video explanation of One Book One Day


Build enthusiasm and curiosity about One Book One Day by using some of the following ideas from ALL OF THE ABOVE before the reading day:

Decorate the hallways walls with “eyes” (pages 151-153)  or “college-level” words (pages 15-16).

Hold a week-long “Guess the Principal’s (or math teacher, coach, etc.) Tie Contest” (page 6).

Play a selection of blues music for morning announcements in honor of “Singing the Blues” sauce (page 30).

Hand out copies of the recipe for Willy Q’s Chocolate Truth Cake.

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